Among the main cohesion Haiti Email List mechanisms we highlight: Maintaining the referent throughout the text. To maintain the referent of the text, you can use exact repetition Haiti Email List (which would lead to redundancy), use a textual synonym or replace it with pronouns. The important thing is to keep in mind that if we move away from the reference we must recover it to prevent the reader from losing the thread of the information. Ellipsis or omission. The opposite case would be the Haiti Email List elision or omission of certain words or expressions to avoid unnecessary repetitions. Therefore, a balance should be established between the repetitions that can help to follow the idea presented and its elision. The textual markers or connectors. They are lexical units, made up of one or more words, which will serve to establish relationships Haiti Email List between the text segments.

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We can specify three large groups: Argumentative (they mark differences between two parts of the speech): in addition, however, even so, consequently … Haiti Email List Reformulators (they allow us to explain the above in another way): rather, in short, that is … Structurers (organize the speech): first, then by the way … In short, a scientific article, like any type of text, to be able to Haiti Email List communicate its information effectively must be coherent, cohesive and fit the context. Where to start writing Love Pérez-Rodríguez | September 7 2020 Most of the entries in this School of Authors are intended to provide clues and ideas about how to write an article. And many of these agree on the importance of reading. That, without a doubt, is Haiti Email List the first task .

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Although first we must have an idea or a research or Haiti Email List work topic that, once developed, will allow us to contribute something significant to the scientific Haiti Email List community. A complete literature review is one of the keys to developing a good scientific text. Analyzing the accumulated Haiti Email List knowledge in the field of study implies obtaining the state of the art of the subject in question. This makes it easier to define the idea or the focus of the work approach. In this, again, it is essential to be good readers to keep magazines in Haiti Email List .of the discipline, the parameters and characteristics of the research in that field, the references, currents, approaches, and histor.

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