coherence and balance, which are essential for its .staff-Uzbekistan Email List The scientific article, above all, is an expository-argumentative text that is governed by their properties: coherence, cohesion and adequacy. Without which we would hardly understand the information presented. Consistency will depend on whether the manuscript has unity not only in Uzbekistan Email List what is said, but also in what is meant. To ensure that our manuscript is a coherent text, we must attend to the following aspects: The article addresses the same topic that develops without contradictions or repetitions of the Uzbekistan Email List information provided. The main and secondary ideas are structured logically and clearly ,

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for which we can help ourselves with the distribution in Uzbekistan Email List paragraphs . It conveys the communicative intention of the author. In order for the text to fulfill its communicative objective, it is necessary that the ideas that comprise it, in addition to being structured and organized, are related to Uzbekistan Email List each other, that the text has cohesion. To do this, the main thing is to maintain the reference and properly use the discursive markers that help to articulate the discourse and relate the different parts: To organize the speech: First, then, on the one hand, on the other hand, as a conclusion, to finish To link ideas Uzbekistan Email List establishing relationships of mutual involvement: furthermore,

Uzbekistan Email List

also, even more (of addition); however, notwithstanding… (Uzbekistan Email List ); therefore, consequently … (cause / consequence) … To express the issuer’s point of view: As regards, as regards, in my opinion, from my point of view, certainly, obviously, of course … Finally, although this has already been discussed in previous entries, it is necessary that the manuscript is appropriate to Uzbekistan Email List the communicative situation (scope of use, recipients, communicative intention …), in this sense, that it is appropriate to the journal to which It is presented, complying with its regulations and within its thematic lines. The quality of the manuscript is not only in the research presented, in order to fulfill its communicative purpose and Uzbekistan Email List disseminate the study, it must attend to the commented properties, presenting a coherent study,

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