but also thinking about the possibility that the Turkmenistan Email List manuscript may later have a translation into English, the wording of which is even more specific. Here are 5 keys to Turkmenistan Email List improve your scientific writing: Avoid excessively long paragraphs. If a paragraph is longer than 7 lines, it can probably be separated into two or, failing that, presents too many ideas. One paragraph per Turkmenistan Email List idea. In another post from the School of Authors we had explained three keys to guarantee a sufficient density of concepts between the paragraphs and, in addition, the linearity of ideas that must exist between them. Semicolon. This punctuation mark sometimes becomes the “wild card” of the day and, the truth is that it is Turkmenistan Email List one of the least to be used.

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According to the RAE, the semicolon only has 4 uses . Avoid the wording ” Frankenstein “. We understand that many times we share the writing work, but there is nothing Turkmenistan Email List more complicated than maintaining the same logic when an article is done with 4, 6 and even 8 hands. If we cannot avoid it, at least let us delegate to an author the revision and grammar and stylistic correction of the text. Turkmenistan Email List Read, read and reread. When we write something, we do not usually read it carefully, perhaps due to overconfidence or saturation. However, the work of reading after writing is as or more important than the Turkmenistan Email List writing of the text itself. One key to doing this successfully is not checking for a few hours.

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When we send an article to a journal to try to get it published, the first filter Turkmenistan Email List that has to pass, before being put into peer review or not, is the “editing review” carried out by the journal’s editors. A high percentage of the manuscripts sent to scientific journals of impact do not pass this first review and are rejected for a series of reasons, most of them avoidable, among which are: 1 “Turkmenistan Email List Norms, norms, norms.” Despite the fact that the regulations for authors of specific quality journals, in a detailed manner, the rules that authors must follow if they intend to publish in them, we find that a high percentage ignore them Turkmenistan Email List when respecting the indicated structure by the journal, anonymize the manuscript,

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