Therefore, it is located in the middle of the 7 magazines that are in the JCR-Q1 club. Since 2009, when it entered this selective database, ‘Japan Email List ‘ has been climbing positions, being Q1 since 2015 in the two areas in which it is integrated: “Communication” and “Education”. In both areas, the presence of Spanish science is widely led in Japan Email List the world’s scientific journals, being the only Q1 in “Communication” (13th of 92) and sharing, for the first time, the leadership Q1 in “Education” (22nd of 263, top 8% worldwide) with a Spanish magazine The impact factor of ‘Comunicar’ in the base Japan Email List is higher than the previous year and its growth all these years has been sustained and progressive,

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with enormous internal consistency, parallel to its growth in Japan Email List Scopus. A great new year for a leading journal, which not only cares about the impact, but also the quality of Spanish science in its disciplines, and which ratifies in JCR what has already been published in Scopus (Japan Email List 2nd magazine in the world in Cultural Studies this year), SJR, REDIB, Google and FECYT.Why report the effect size? Raidell Japan Email List Martinez | June 29 de-autores-137 Much of scientific research is based on hypothesis testing, with the essential idea of ​​fitting a statistical model to our data and then evaluating it with a statistical test. If the probability of obtaining results by chance is less than .05, then we generally accept the experimental hypothesis as true:

Japan Email List

that is, there is an effect on the population. We normally report “there is a Japan Email List significant effect of…”. However, we cannot just blind ourselves to that term “significant”, because even finding a low significance result, this does not necessarily express that the effect was significant. Japan Email List Small effects sometimes produce significant results, especially when using large samples. A non-significant result should not be interpreted as “… there are no differences between the means…” or “… there is no relationship between the variables…”, because no matter how poor the difference, there is, and this may be Japan Email List important for some studies despite not being statistically significant. A measure that helps to quantify and understand the results of a hypothesis test is the effect size,

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