interested contacts through emails, and share it on all social networks that we use normally and have academic contacts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Andorra Email List 2) Upload it in the Institutional Repository of our University and in other public repositories that we manage, such as Mendeley . 3) Share it on scientific social networks ( ResearchGate , Andorra Email List 4) Publish the manuscript on our personal or institutional website and / or on our personal blog. 5) Promote it on Google Scholar , ORCID , ResearchI. 6) Send or promote press or informative notes in our University, in the Cabinets or in the media (press, radio,. These actions will facilitate the dynamization and dissemination of the results of our research, favoring that o Andorra Email List ur article can be cited and referenced and,

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therefore, reach a greater scientific impact. Tweet Share Pinterest Tumblr Reddit Viber Andorra Email List Messenger Print Email Post navigation Previous article Post navigation Next article to the Royal Spanish Academy there are about fifty types of books -in their conceptual breadth- (ecclesiastical, registry, accounting …), although in this post we will focus on those that are of interest for academic, informative, essay and research works . For legal purposes, Andorra Email List a book is any non-periodic printed (and digital) book that contains more than 49 pages (UNESCO, 1964) and that meets the requirement of having an international numerical identifier (ISBN). In Spain, in addition, there is an obligation to deposit four copies in any format with the public Andorra Email List administration if the purpose.

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of the book is its sale or distribution, as a measure of preserving the Andorra Email List cultural and intellectual heritage of the country. Publishers are generally in charge of these processes, although funds from Universities and Research Centers also tend to do so. To organize the types of books in this post, we will divide them into three groups: teaching, reference or consultation books, and scientific or research results. Teaching books The purpose of this type of work is to serve as a reference for Andorra Email List undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students on a specific subject or series of subjects, although they also seek to align the contents of an area of ​​knowledge for Andorra Email List teachers from the same university or country.

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