When considering marketing for our dental clinic, in the words of Íñigo Campos. CEO of DND Consulting, we must always start from the premise of doing ethical marketing that generates trust. And recognition of our clinic. Today we have multiple channels to do dental digital advertising. For example we can take advantage of Google Ads. To appear when a potential patient searches for a treatment in our city. This allows us to attract a person who already has a problem and is looking for a way to solve it.

Then we can take advantage of Facebook or Instagram to build trust. Giving the patient more reasons why they should trust our clinic with their health. Of course we must also use social networks to retain our patients. There are countless channels in which we can be present and reinforce our brand image.

Accompany the Entire Process with A Website

The process of online promotion and publicity of our clinic not only implies going to other external platforms in which to show our services. But this idea must be promote with our own spaces that are pleasant for the visitor. The website must be optimized Macedonia WhatsApp Number List down to the smallest detail. So that the patient feels comfortable on it. The services must be well categorized and visible. Use quality images and offer relevant information about the professionals who work in the clinic.

Email Database

A corporate video hosted on the web but also present on YouTube, on your own channel, is also a good idea, as this can be the setting in which to offer additional information about all the treatments and interesting facts about dental health. The idea with the corporate website, which must be linked to the profiles on social networks, is to show a professional, quality and hygienic image, both visually and functionally.

In this way, it is not enough for the portal to be operational and manageable, but rather it has to have a visual cleanliness aspect, because that will capture more interest in consumers. If we take care of our website it is because we also take care of the clinic.

SEO, Key in Transactional Searches

Already with Google Ads we warned of the existing need to provide solutions to patients when they face a problem. Web positioning or SEO is precisely about that, offering a response to Internet users.

When a person performs a search on Google, he usually focuses her interest on the first page of results. That is why it is very important to work on SEO, that is, content marketing strategies, web design and the use of keywords that will allow the website to be among those first results. It is useless to have the best possible clinic, with cutting-edge technology and prestigious professionals if it is not visible on the internet. The idea with online advertising is to convert web visitors into patients, to make conversions.

At this point it is equally important to work on the local aspect. Many of the searches on Google are geographical. “Dental clinics in Salamanca”, “plumbers in Murcia”, “locksmiths in Gijón”. This process within positioning is called local SEO. And can be improved with actions such as defining the clinic and its location well, identifying keywords and activating the business on Google My Business.

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