in its latest version, the 6th, there are 3 modes of citation (the examples are taken from Bahamas WhatsApp Number List 53, 2017): In the event that the author and the date appear as part of the narrative, it is not necessary to introduce any element, just add the source in the list Bahamas WhatsApp Number List of references, example: “ If we direct attention to the use of Twitter by Millennials, reports of 2016 position this network as Bahamas WhatsApp Number List a platform … ” In the case that the author appears as part of the narrative, the year of publication is enclosed in parentheses, for example: “ The need and importance of educating in the use of the media has a long history in Bahamas WhatsApp Number List our recent history that begins in the eighties with the declaration of Grunwald ),

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promulgated by UNESCO. ” In another case, the author Bahamas WhatsApp Number List and year of publication are enclosed in parentheses, separated by a comma, for example: “ And these citizens have found in Bahamas WhatsApp Number List an adequate instrument to channel their ideas and fight for their objectives (Bahamas WhatsApp Number List & Quintana, 2012). ” The citation system is not restricted to these examples, there are other details and cases in which it is necessary to consult the rules to do it correctly, such as the citation depending Bahamas WhatsApp Number List on the number of authors, citation order, authors with the same surnames ,

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textual citations greater than 40 words, etc. In the case of Bahamas WhatsApp Number List APA, the standards can be consulted on their website and in other manuals published by institutions to help their students and teachers to cope with this process. In the APA manual itself there is a table that Bahamas WhatsApp Number List seems to me to be an excellent summary of most of the cases that can occur: table Source: Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (, p. 177) Finally, it is necessary to emphasize that the practice of using Bahamas WhatsApp Number List reference managers such as Zotero, EndNote, Mendeley, among others,

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