Expressions such as “As the main results of this study it is Indian Email List stated that …” or “Throughout the present investigation”, what they do is increase the word count, so then we tend to sacrifice what is important to adapt the summary to the magazine rules. Use different Indian Email List words: One of the keys to SEO applied to articles is precisely to avoid repeating the same words of the title in the abstract and in the keywords. If possible, try to use synonyms that broaden the range of tags and metadata that can Indian Email List be key when emerging from a search. Do not include citations: That is what the text of the manuscript is for. However, there are certain exceptions to this, such as the case of mentioning analysis models or Indian Email List techniques that come from an investigation. “For this, the information quality model of Romero-Rodríguez et al .

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Will be used . (2020) “. Comply with the regulations of the journal: Journals usually state the way in which they want the abstract to be structured and its length. If not, take a Indian Email List look at some of the recently published manuscripts to see what their style is. Impersonal: As in the text, the abstract should avoid the first person. Expressions such as “From this we have run the Fleiss Kappa test” are abundant in the scientific lexicon.Indian Email List : The Language of Science Isaac Newton’s Philosophiæ Indian Email List principia mathematica was written in Latin, the first paper introducing Albert Einstein’s theory of molecular interaction was published in German in Annalen der Physik ,

Indian Email List

and Marie Curie’s work was initially published in French ( La Indian Email List et la guerre, Propiétés des aciers trempés … ). Although, today, the largest volume of scientific papers are published in English. But why is this language considered the language of science? Indian Email List Why is it so relevant for a non-native author to publish their research in English? Previously, the issue has been deepened, determining that the adoption of this de facto language in scientific production has provided the community with a means of access to the extensive universal literature. One study already determined that Indian Email List % of the work published in Scopus was completely available in English, and that,

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