but on the other, I am afraid that most of the research effort is hardly going to be of much use. and I suspect that it will not generate the fruits either. expected to those who Papua New Guinea Email List make this effort, generating frustration to most of the people who do it. These days the requests to participate in surveys on the coronavirus, promotions of monographs on the subject and some personal invitation to do a co-authorship work are multiplying. The researcher will perceive an opportunity Papua New Guinea Email List that is likely to facilitate the much desired publication. of his name in one of these successful journals. First error. This is not going to happen, at least it is not going to happen to most of the researchers and applicants who during these Papua New Guinea Email List weeks deviate from their usual investigations to get their hands on the coronavirus and all the

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possible angles of investigation. This already happened with Gender Studies in Papua New Guinea Email List Zapatero’s time and with Juan Manuel Santos’ Studies on Post-Conflict in Colombia and the reality is that of the thousands of researchers who dedicated their efforts to publish on Papua New Guinea Email List these fashionable topics, there were very few those who managed to publish their work in quality media. The scientific agenda is inevitably Papua New Guinea Email List marked by the needs of society . In the field of Natural Sciences, research is prioritized on those areas that are unknown and whose knowledge can have direct repercussions on society, industry, politics, war .Papua New Guinea Email List . And in Social Sciences? Well, normally research in Social Sciences is aimed

Papua New Guinea Email List

at solving what is wrong in the (social) world or trying to predict how Papua New Guinea Email List present changes or imminent realities will affect the future of society. (for example, the use of virtual social networks). Normally, these research fronts are supported by funding and in the specific case of social research funding is almost entirely exclusively from public sources, in many cases with a Papua New Guinea Email List strong political component (and its recipients). It is therefore good and natural for social researchers to worry about studying these phenomena that are going to have such an impact, but I am afraid that only a few will obtain the desired results . Papua New Guinea Email List The problem with these scientific fads is that the demand for original articles is matched by an excess supplyOr,

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