additionally, the rest of the works had the title and abstract in this language ( van-Iran Email List , 2012 ). But this was not always so. The fact that science today accesses and makes an effort to publish in English is due to a series of events that have occurred since the 15th century. Indeed, Gorin (2015) pointed out that the first scientists to adopt the dissemination model that we know today Iran Email List presented their studies in two formats: 1) Conversations and discussions of the work in their mother tongue; and 2) Outreach geographic diffusion in Latin. As science progressed, so did the way in which the findings spread, making it difficult in many cases to understand knowledge. It was not until the early 19th century Iran Email List that French, English and German began to consolidate.

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Thus, in the second half of the 20th century, only English remained the Iran Email List dominant language, while the United States reinforced its authority in the world. Given the power of English today, it is essential for the author to devote intellectual (and in many cases, financial) effort to participation in international scientific endeavors, publishing their progress in English. Accessing the Iran Email List universal scientific literature will add greater value to the theoretical foundation, in the same way that publishing in this lingua franca will improve the visibility of studies and, therefore, their impact. In this context, it is Iran Email List appropriate to take into account a series of basic aspects for writing and submitting papers to

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the international scientific publishing community: Despite grammatical, Iran Email List syntactic, and usage errors, non-native researchers can defend effective papers on the basis of clarity, logic, and conciseness of ideas. In this case, for example, Spanish is given to lavishness and complexity. Also, authors should be aware that journal reviewers and editors Iran Email List cannot dedicate sufficient time and resources to unravel a manuscript. That is, they must be able to understand, without difficulty, what is being exposed. Therefore, we invite you to become aware and start from a fact that, although widely consolidated, continues to be a scientific gap in the non-Anglo-Saxon community. Iran Email List Tweet English:

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