The positioning and optimization of the web, also called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become a key concept for every company. It is one of the pillars directly related to the growth of the company, and without it, the showcase of our brand on the Internet would be opaque.

Now, with more information, digital marketing strategies already revolve around this concept, which is increasingly in demand. SEO positioning is already a reality for companies and the sooner they start investing in it, the better results they will have both in the short and long term. Although you do not necessarily have to choose to hire professionals within your own company, but there are already other more general mechanisms, such as SEO positioning agencies.

This Is What the Eskimoz Website Does

An agency that began to see this business opportunity 10 years ago and currently has a presence in Spain, England and Belgium. And what is the differentiation of this agency? Its exclusive service in the positioning of its clients with which Norway WhatsApp Number List implementation objectives are set on personalized results.

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His work method focuses on handling those terms that many companies still do not know. Such as algorithms, search engines, big data or keywords. The agency helps to implement this type of concepts to the company to achieve a joint goal. The growth of the company.

Those companies that saturate in periods of pandemic. Had to create a digital transformation strategy quickly, may be more aware of the importance of SEO positioning in today’s market. The problem is that getting that place in the deep world of the Internet is not easy.

We Must Look at Several Factors, Such as The Search for Users

Being aware of how we appear and what the consumer is looking for in reference to our business. Will help us carry out a successful positioning strategy. In fact, Eskimoz acknowledges to its consumers that 90% of clicks are made on the first page that the browser shows us when we do a search. The question is, how do we get there? Eskimoz responds with several tips:

Upload content regularly
use keywords
Add audiovisual elements
Link to other pages
Encourage our content to be share on social networks

These bullets correspond to natural positioning, organic traffic. But there are other methods with which to improve the position of our business on the internet. That the agencies can provide to start it. In addition, with the particularity that the agency will know. How to differentiate between the types of business and provide the most appropriate strategy according to its objectives.

In the case of Eskimoz, it has a series of internal tools that use large amounts of data. To improve the decisions they make for their clients’ strategy. Among them are the data science and the predictive ranking that reflect its method based on ROI.

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