Google has more than two million active users per month. The search engine is the king of the internet, but if we continue in the ranking, the YouTube platform, also part of Alphabet, is the second most used search engine . Thus, what began as a video platform for casual entertainment and music content has become one of the most demanded applications by users.

These data were also modified with the arrival of the pandemic. As a Semrush study points out , in March 2020, YouTube searches containing concepts such as “home office” or “exercise at home” grew by 210% and 515% respectively. In addition, videos on how to do something at home, achieved a growth of 700%. In this way, the company has highlighted the impact of the pandemic on Google searches.

The Incorporation of Positioning Algorithms

Therefore, considering YouTube as an already consolidated search engine, the platform has considered the bitcoin users email list free incorporation of positioning algorithms that affect the organic visibility of your videos. In this sense, and hand in hand with Tubics, Semrush has carried out extensive research with the study of different variables to discover the positioning of YouTube in order to provide the keys and practical advice to enhance the positioning of videos on the platform.

Email Database

To conduct the study, Semrush pulled 15,000 keywords from its Google database , which trigger rich video results on search appearances. Once collected, they examined the top 10 results for each of those keywords to see. How different video features affected their YouTube search positions.

How to Position Yourself on You Tube Effectively?

After analyzing this data, Semrush has compiled a wide variety of metrics to assess how they affect video performance. Among other things, they analyzed the performance of instructional keywords. Versus general keywords , as well as video search rankings based on their engagement metrics. Ranging from likes to comments to views. And the key elements of a video (description, title and tags).

The conclusions have been the following : More than half of the videos that rank in the first position have more than 50 words in the description. 52% of videos that rank for “how to” keywords have more than 100 words in their descriptions. 52% of videos that rank for the keyword “like” are longer than 5 minutes.

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