value based on the prestige of their citation. It is evident that the scientific world is Netherlands Phone Number List transforming by leaps and bounds, like almost the whole world. In this sense, also the popularization of science is revolutionizing all standards and the very concept of the scientific journal, which is less and less like the classic printed book. This is an open and passionate debate … in the meantime we defend Netherlands Phone Number List our future with our past and our present. Print magazines, online magazines, global magazines …Quotation marks are a punctuation mark commonly used in academic and scientific writing. In Spanish 3 types of quotation marks are used, the low or Latin quotation marks («»), which stand out when they are prescribed as the first Netherlands Phone Number List option when making an appointment, in addition to being frequent in social

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sciences and humanities, while the high quotation marks or English (“”) Netherlands Phone Number List and single quotation marks (”) are used in texts that are previously in quotation marks with low or Latin citations, being adopted more frequently for citations in scientific texts. Among the multiple objectives of Netherlands Phone Number List using quotation marks is to insert textual sentences, thereby avoiding plagiarism, fully complying with reference styles, adding unusual or recently coined terms, and incorporating words or phrases in another language. When delving into the first objective, the quotation marks delimit the content presented in which Netherlands Phone Number List the exact

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words of a fragment are repeated, allowing to ensure that the reader Netherlands Phone Number List understands that the information presented comes from another text and thus preventing the author from committing plagiarism to other sources. In this regard, the determination of the quotation marks in Netherlands Phone Number List direct textual quotations will depend on the regulations subject to the styles of bibliographic citation, in the case of the APA style, the norm used by Comunicar, quotation marks are used in direct quotations of less than 40 words. . Netherlands Phone Number List For its part and in a complementary manner, the presentation of bibliographic references also follows

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