Paulo Coelho, Pablo Neruda or Mario Benedetti have gone down in history for their love poems. And it is that this romanticized feeling accompanies us throughout our lives. And goes through phases that, if we know how to take advantage of, can assign us economic benefit. Today we are still not clear about what the concept of “love” is. But that does not mean that we cannot use it to generate attraction.

On this occasion, we leave poetry aside to talk about a concept that concerns us more: Marketing automation. All this through a virtual event organized by Vector ITC in collaboration with MarketingDirecto. In which several brands participated to capture their experience through the screen. Carlos Peña, Director of Sales & Performance at Vector ITC, was in charge of presenting this meeting to contextualize the topic that was going to be dealt with later.

Peña Explained the Objective that His Company

Has had to implement marketing projects. To do this, he introduces the concept of inbound marketing automation: « It has to do with being able to make the customer who comes to us «. As for the concept of marketing automation, he explains it this way: “It is a strategy, a methodology that uses software to establish relationships with customers.”

His presentation was based on talking about the objectives of the relationship with the client. « When we incorporate inbound marketing, the Antigua and Barbuda B2B list experience is personal and personalized, but the information has to be valuable, we can’t bombard it with repetitions of the same thing », She explains. Therefore, according to his point of view, although it is good to have databases built with defined variables, we must be able to add all the value of the organization to have the customer identified only once.

Email Database

It should also be note that there is a moment in the process in which we define the journey. As Peña explains, at this point the ideal cycle of communication with the client is develope. And reinforces the idea of ​​communicating differently depending on the client we are targeting. It is better to throw signs and ropes to see who welcomes them and thus give a reputation. We don’t use a single variable for lead scoring. But we have to mix the level of brand awareness, the level of suitability and the point of maturity in the process of buying the lead.

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