YouTube was born in the midst of the digital revolution and today it is still one of the most demanded platforms on the market. The application is characterized by the upload of short, medium and long duration videos, where content creators and companies can manage their own profiles. The website has become the star stage for video and brands have never stopped seeing it as an opportunity.

With streaming booming in demand, content creators have seen their niche grow over the years. Today, the platform features a wide variety of clips from movies, TV shows, and music videos, as well as amateur content such as vlogs or gaming content . And with this wide grid, it’s no wonder that marketing wraps around those with better stats.

First Steps to Design a Marketing Strategy

First of all, we have to know what stage our client is at. It is important to assess all the variables if we want our action to penetrate the Bolivia WhatsApp Number List mind of the consumer. Therefore, it is worth stopping to think and divide the client’s position into three possible parts:

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TOFU (Top of the funnel). The user detects that he has a need and is in the process of looking for a solution. Although he does not know where to start. MOFU (Middle of the funnel). This is the middle part of the funnel. When the user has something clear about their objective and begins to assess between different options. BOFU (Bottom of the funnel).

The final stretch, where the user has already evaluated their options and your option has been chosen.
Once we are clear about the phase in which our consumer is, we begin to propose content according to their needs. In this process we must differentiate between a more general type of content for the first phases of the funnel , while the closer the consumer is to the final phase, the more specific the communication of the product or service must be.

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