This fact brings with it that the editorial teams are forced to make the decision that many well-done works, which in situations of less “pressure” for the arrival of Ecuador Email Address manuscripts would be published, in the current situation, are rejected or rejected since they can only be published. publish the best of the good as their publishing capacity per year is limited. One last piece of advice, only Ecuador Email Address answer and ask for explanations to a rejection or rejection if it is clear that it is an error or if any of the reviewers, in the event that they send us the review sheets, has not followed the ethical norm of respect and appropriate use of language in the assessments you have made on our manuscript. What we have already been rejected Ecuador Email Address will almost certainly continue to be rejected no matter how much we protest,

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in our opinion it is preferable to optimize the time and instead of Ecuador Email Address discussing with the editorial teams, prepare the shipment to a new journal (always after careful selection, in the in case it is not prepared and adaptation to the norms for authors of this). In parallel to this advice, comment that if the manuscript is admitted with a request for changes. Tweet Ecuador Email Address Pinterest Tumblr WhatsApp Reddit Viber Messenger Print E-Mail Post navigation Previous article Post navigation Next article Why is your APA not the same? Regulations for references between scientific publications Ecuador Email Address | November 2 scuela-de-autores-149 In scientific

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writing, authors must cite sources. Theoretical bases that, through direct Ecuador Email Address and / or paraphrased constructions, collect ideas from previous research that allow the author to demonstrate their understanding of the study area, support arguments with pre-existing results, accredit the work of other researchers and prevent accusations of plagiarism. Ecuador Email Address These citations are delimited in a list of references at the end of the writing, which allow the community of readers to access the work. As we have read previously, we have standardized models such as APA 7th Ed., As well as constant Ecuador Email Address updates over time that adapt to the demands of the multiple formats and documents to consult.

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