In these cases, the order of signature is an important aspect that reflects the Tunisia Email List contribution of each author to the research and, therefore, must be Tunisia Email List respected when the work is cited. Along with this, if we follow the APA ( American Psychological Association) Style Manual , when we Tunisia Email List cite the work of various authors, we will take into account the following points: In-text citation In the event that the authors appear as part of the narrative, they will be cited in the order of signature, by surnames, and it will be used between the last two: and in Spanish, and in English. “Likewise, Gil-de-Tunisia Email List , Jung and Valenzuela (2012) find that Facebook and social networks are used by all university students

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…” If neither authors nor date are included in the narrative, the author and year of publication are enclosed in parentheses, separated by a comma, using & between the last two and, in the Tunisia Email List case of more than two authors, with a comma before &: “The general sample presents important characteristics of active participation among the bounded topics (González, Durand, Hugues, & Yanes, 2015)” One aspect that must be taken into account is the number of authors of the Tunisia Email List work: In works by two authors , the last names of both authors will always be cited. From three authors, the et al. Format will be used . “Participatory culture (Jenkins et al., 2009)” However, if the abbreviated appointment coincides with Tunisia Email List another, the necessary surnames will be used to differentiate both appointments.

Tunisia Email List

When two or more authors appear with the same last name , Tunisia Email List the initials of the first author must be included in all citations within the text, even if the Tunisia Email List year of publication differs. ” Amongst the studies, we reviewed MA Light and Light (2008) and I. Light (2006)”. Final references When a reference has up to twenty authors, the names of all the authors will be written in the Tunisia Email List reference list. All references, including those of two authors, will have a comma before ampersand (&): Pérez-Rodríguez, MA, & Delgado-Ponce, Á. (2012). From digital and audiovisual competence to media competence: dimensions Tunisia Email List and indicators. Communicate,

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