How were these studies carried out? What hypotheses were tested? Spain Email List After these reflections, new questions will undoubtedly arise. Contradictory evidence or inconsistencies can also be found in the literature, which in one way or another will lead the Spain Email List researcher to find their questions. Step 3: Refine the subject , as if using an even more powerful sight lens. In this step of the process, other actors, teammates or colleagues of recognized prestige come into action to consult and with Spain Email List whom to comment on impressions. This exchange of ideas is always enriching and helps to acquire a different perspective. Step 4: Recap r, in the final step, you must analyze the list of research questions, be critical Spain Email List of the process carried out. It is essential to ask yourself: can I

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really find and / or collect the data necessary to address this question or Spain Email List problem? Will the method be feasible? Is my question too broad or narrow, or too subjective or objective? In short, a useful rule of thumb to know if a research question is well formulated is to follow the “FINER” method: Feasible, Interesting, Novel, Ethical and Relevant (O’Brien & Broughton, 2017).Spain Email List The rules of protocol dictate a series of guidelines for presenting a person. But what does it mean to present. The Royal Spanish Academy defines presenting as “Making a manifestation of something, putting it in the presence of Spain Email List someone” and “Making someone or something known to the public”. Hence,

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in the case at hand, the cover letter for a publication in a journal, the Spain Email List protocol is to introduce and publicize the work that is submitted for the consideration of the editor or editors. Each magazine has its own regulations and characteristics . For this reason, among the routines necessary for the acceptance of a work, the formal issues of the publication that we have selected Spain Email List must be thoroughly understood. This will allow our cover letter, cover letter , be consistent with your requirements. For its writing we have to provide evidence of the interest of the article that is sent. That is, to convince in terms of originality, Spain Email List quality, the contribution that it implies and its possible repercussion in the field defined by the magazine.

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