When we launch to create an online business, there are certain key factors that will guide us to success. One of them is the website, also known as the showcase of our brand. No matter what product or service we are marketing, visual appeal is always well received by the consumer.

There Are Many Platforms that Help You Improve Your Website

With texts, photographs, colors, fonts… All of this through an established template. Perhaps one of the most recognized spaces is WordPress, a platform that allows you to easily customize your page. Although, if what we are looking for is to attract the phone no information Pakistan consumer, we need something more than beautiful texts and original photographs.

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Our website must transmit the personality and values ​​of the brand that we have created. In other words, we have to look for the identity that best characterizes our company. This is achieve with elements that distinguish us from our competition. And this is exactly what Max Camuñas, a web designer specializing in WordPress. Is talking about in a new SiteGround webinar.

Camuñas Prepared a Presentation

As a special guest, Camuñas prepared a presentation whose main topics were web design and how to execute it. The expert advises the audience on different web design and layout resources, starting with the header. In this section, Camuñas explains that it should include a logo, the menu, a button that acts as a CTA, the search engine and notifications, among other elements.

The webinar continues with some practical examples of visual editors and layout designers, among which are: Divi, Elementor, Thrive Architect, Visual Composer or Gutenberg. All of them help in the layout of the aforementioned header and footer, which, according to the expert, should contain all the content that we consider secondary (social networks, copyright, legal texts…).

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