An editor or reader may interpret the lack of references as a sign San Marino Email List of intellectual laziness, inbred thinking, or a lack of knowledge. When references are included and sources are cited correctly, there is no question in this regard. An excellent bibliography shows mature, San Marino Email List prolific and expected scientific knowledge in a scientific manuscript and from a legitimate author in one area. San Marino Email List Actuality . This indicator is related to the interest aroused by the topic discussed in recent years (usually references from the last five years are valued). Variety, in this sense, is highly recommended, in addition, the preponderance of the San Marino Email List references of an author or authors that suggest self-promotion,

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self-plagiarism or the selective citation of works whose San Marino Email List conclusions are in agreement with those of the author should be avoided at all costs. Requirement . The academic objectivity of the result depends, without a doubt, on the degree of demand and rigor. San Marino Email List Two fundamental features drive this aspect: the consistency of the references that is demonstrated if they are primary San Marino Email List sources, and the relevance, that is, the suitability of each reference with the subject matter. The requirement with which the bibliography is constructed will reveal an author widely read and, therefore, legitimized in the field of San Marino Email List study. Impact . References give the author an echo and, therefore,

San Marino Email List

knowledge of his publication to all those authors he has San Marino Email List cited, which redounds in his scope as a researcher who also contributes to the field of study. Alternative metrics San Marino Email List tools as well as academic networks are, without a doubt, the best allies San Marino Email List to extend the impact that the publication of a new manuscript provides to the author (Google Scholar, ResearchGate , San Marino Email List ). Authorship: How many sign, who and in what San Marino Email List order? Rafael Repiso | March Authorship: How many sign, who and in San Marino Email List what order?

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