antecedents of the investigation. Actuality: Not all sciences and disciplines advance at the same rate, so the concept of “actuality” will depend on each of these. To cite an Panama Email List example, if we have an investigation that seeks to analyze the influence of youtubers of gender haul in the decision to purchase or consumption of cosmetic products, most studies that make up the Panama Email List corpus of the state of affairs must be current, that is, a maximum of the last 5 years. If, on the contrary, we find that most of the literature review is of the marketing classics of the 1980-1990s (Kottler, Armstrong, Panama Email List …), the study will be made on the basis of historical references, but not on the progress of the discipline.

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This point is of special relevance, since the universe of search engines, repositories and databases are full of non-scientific documents, so we must learn to Panama Email List discriminate. If we base an investigation on references of End-of-Degree Thesis (undergraduate thesis), End-of-Master’s Thesis (master’s thesis), student documents, teaching documents, Panama Email List manuals, blogs, local magazines, among others, the work will lack scientific support, to the extent that most of these documents do not go through a substantive review process. In this sense, most of the corpus of references of an article Panama Email List must be articles published in journals of recognized prestige and impact, which are usually –

Panama Email List

although not in all cases – are indexed in the Web of Science (Panama Email List ) and Scopus. Sufficiency: The sufficiency parameter refers to the breadth of the literature review. It is estimated that for an empirical research article in Social Sciences, a sufficient literature review Panama Email List would include between 35 and 40 references, which increases if it is a study (grounded theory, state of the art, etc.).Coronavirus research pandemic. Opportunity and risk for the authors Rafael Repiso | April Virus Image by Arek Panama Email List from Pixabay First of all, I would like to summarize this reflection for those who do not have time. In it, I argue that on the one hand it is necessary and good for researchers to be sensitive to current problems ,

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