stumbling upon a reject desk . Second reason: methodological approach Costa Rica Email List and results Editors often dismiss the manuscript because the analytical approach is not sufficiently rigorous, explicit, and argued, or because the results are hardly significant or representative. This implies that the scope of the work does not conform to the international standards and capacity in the Costa Rica Email List journal’s research field. It is extremely important that you evaluate the manuscript from this perspective. Check what the research objectives or questions are, and verify that their scope is valuable to the audience the publication is aimed at (its readers). As a last exercise, try to identify and analyze the exposition of a manuscript Costa Rica Email List with a similar proposal.

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Do you consider your methodological analysis and are your findings relevant to Costa Rica Email List your scientific community? Third reason: innovation and originality Perhaps the manuscript meets all the expectations discussed previously: it fits the scope , meets all formal requirements, Costa Rica Email List and the methodological approach and findings are potentially considerable. Now, ask yourself: And its originality? For these cases we must refer to the latest publications in the field of study. What is being published in the area? And in this Costa Rica Email List magazine? What topics are raised in the next call for papers? Would it be of interest to readers to publish the

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penicillin finding tomorrow? If its combination with a new drug Costa Rica Email List contained the eradication of the pandemic that concerns us, what answers will we get? Indeed, we must pay attention to the innovative quality and impact of the study on society. Let us always keep in mind that we work in the field of science, of knowledge. Tweet Costa Rica Email List Pinterest Tumblr WhatsApp Reddit Viber Messenger Print E-Mail Post navigation Previous article Post navigation Next article A controversial issue: the Costa Rica Email List order of authorship Luis-Miguel Romero | January 25 2021 The image has an empty ALT attribute; its file name is _noticia_normal.jpg Military ranks,

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