Among them we can find manuals, instructions and guides. The structure of the Antarctica Email List teaching books generally obeys the evolution of the subject to be dealt with. That is, it starts from the basic, introductory and core aspects, to the more complex development of the same, so it is normal that the indexes closely resemble the syllabus of a teaching guide or syllabus. Antarctica Email List Although the writing style of the teaching works will depend on the educational level to which it is intended (undergraduate, postgraduate, doctorate), they must be clear and orderly, since the intention is that students and other teachers can, through their reading, understand and deepen the content of a subject. It is, so to speak – and saving the Antarctica Email List distance – the evolution of the school textbook. Reference or reference books In this type of works,

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much more extensive in subcategories than the previous one, there are Antarctica Email List monographs, debate books, white papers, memoirs, annals, essays, among others. The objective of these is to discuss, debate and contrast on one or more thematic axes. Obviously, its structure and writing style will depend on its purpose, since a white paper that a research group or center for a public Antarctica Email List entity makes -as a report- is not the same as a debate or essay book, with a vision more explanatory and free format. Likewise, the memoirs and annals are very different from the conference proceedings or the reference monographs. Antarctica Email List Scientific books or research results A popular science book is an individual or collective work that deals with the same area or field of knowledge, and that presents research results (s).

It is generally structured in chapters, either having between all of them, Antarctica Email List or each of them independently, the structure of the research report (Introduction, Materials and method, Results, Discussion, Conclusions and References). These books are usually coordinated by research groups, networks or centers, as well as by researchers’ associations, although they are Antarctica Email List increasingly being standardized as a form of product for the dissemination and transfer of research projects in Europe. Given the very specific nature of this type of work, publishers know that they are difficult to commercialize -as they are not of general interest, as in the case of reference books, or collective, such as the teaching book-, Antarctica Email List so they tend to charge authors, groups, networks or associations,

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