In the event that two or more people participate in the same activity Cyprus Email Addresses category, the score is divided. However, what happens when the relative contributions are almost identical? Even what happens in interdisciplinary research in which assessing the level of contribution and involvement of the other is difficult? In theory, in this case, all those who appear in the list Cyprus Email Addresses of authors should be interpreted as the first author, but, as in the case of et al ., Evaluation agencies, grants , and even the universities themselves, establish their criteria. sui generi interpretation , even if they are not publicly exposed. Cyprus Email Addresses In areas such as Health Sciences, and more specifically in the field of medicine, there is a certain convention that the first and last authors have contributed the most,

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while those in the middle (in a kind of curve), they have had less participation. Cyprus Email Addresses In other areas such as basic sciences, with endless lists of authors in many cases, the order is established by alphabetical criteria of the author’s last name, although some journals in the field of astronomy, for example, prioritize Principal Investigators (PI) or lab-heads go in first Cyprus Email Addresses position, due to a question of visibility, impact and citation. Other conventions that are usually applied in some branches of the Social Sciences in countries like Brazil, dictate that the last author is usually the senior researcher., who usually Cyprus Email Addresses has a minor contribution in the research and writing of the manuscript,

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but who assists with the conceptualization and refining Cyprus Email Addresses of research ideas and methodological design; In other words, he acts as a tutor for researchers who are starting their degree. Something very similar usually happens in the evaluations of the National System of Researchers (SNI) of CONACYT (Mexico), especially with professors of levels higher than the SNI 2. Obviously in the case of Spain this would be unthinkable, understanding that the accreditation agencies (Cyprus Email Addresses ) and the six-year terms (CNEAI and autonomous) are evaluated with the same criteria for everyone, whether you are new, senior, or top scorer in the league: first author (good), Cyprus Email Addresses last author (bad) . There are no grays. To settle these controversies, some well-known journals such as J

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