constitute a whole that they explain in largely the Taiwan Email List causes of estimation / rejection, first, and then acceptance / rejection in a quality publication. Not Taiwan Email List paying careful attention to the format of a work is a clear hallmark of a not very rigorous researcher, who does not know how to look at the formal processes that for a highly indexed publication are key in the normalization Taiwan Email List of their evaluation flows. structure-02In general, in any internationally recognized magazine, two files must be submitted simultaneously: Presentation and cover, and Manuscript. 1) In the PRESENTATION AND COVER Taiwan Email List (“Title Page” and “Cover Leter”, in English) the original nature of the contribution is included and the publication

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rights are partially or totally assigned, apart from specifying authors, Taiwan Email List sources of financing … This Document is key in identifying work and is never visible to Taiwan Email List reviewers. 2) In the MANUSCRIPT, the first section, the METADATA, is extremely important. Sometimes a job Taiwan Email List generates sufficient causes for its rejection simply because of its own title: The TITLE of the article Taiwan Email List must be concise and informative, with as many significant terms as possible. Regarding the AUTHORS (included in the Cover Taiwan Email List ), it must be borne in mind that the number must be justified by the subject,

Taiwan Email List

its complexity and its length, justifying the original contribution Taiwan Email List of the team. The academic signature (scientific name) must be standardized in accordance with international Taiwan Email List conventions to facilitate identification in the main databases It is mandatory to register in the International Registry of Researchers: ORCID (Taiwan Email List ). The ABSTRACT / ABSTRACT in Spanish and English should be around 230 words, in order to concisely describe the reason and Taiwan Email List objective of the research, the methodology used, the most outstanding results and main conclusions.

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