Fill in the registration details of the author who will Morocco WhatsApp Number List send the manuscript. Select the section of the magazine, language of the submission and enter Morocco WhatsApp Number List comments for the editor, in case you want to highlight a specific aspect. Upload the manuscript. Enter the metadata of the authors (name, surname, email, institution, country, biographical summary) and of the manuscript (title, abstract, Morocco WhatsApp Number List keywords, collaborating organizations and references) Upload supplemental files such as research tools, data sets that meet the terms established by the research ethics review, sources that would not otherwise Morocco WhatsApp Number List be available to readers, and figures and tables. Confirm shipment. In short,

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OJS, in addition to having multiple advantages over other editorial Morocco WhatsApp Number List managers, also stands out as a solid, advanced and easy-to-use platform for authors. Open Access (English Open Access , OA) is access without financial constraints, technical, administrative, or those derived from the copyright to digital resources from academic and scientific production. In this way, the user Morocco WhatsApp Number List can access scientific publications for free through the network, being able to reproduce and distribute the information provided that the authors’ rights are contemplated, normally collected through Creative Commons licenses. castle-1290875_1920 The birth of this movement is motivated by technical advances Morocco WhatsApp Number List and the development of the Internet that facilitates the management,

Morocco WhatsApp Number List

storage and global distribution of scientific content. Added to this is Morocco WhatsApp Number List the fact that most of the research arises within public institutions and with public funds, while the results were distributed at high prices through magazines from large publishing groups, a paradox without much sense. This led researchers and institutions to promote this new way of accessing scientific Morocco WhatsApp Number List information, with clear benefits for both (in addition to the economic ones), such as increased impact and scientific evaluation; being globally accessible, they can be more read and cited. The conditions to be followed by theopen Morocco WhatsApp Number List are included in the Berlin Declaration (2003),

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