with a complete and balanced sense. Vanuatu Email List Once the manuscript that collects our best contribution to the advancement of scientific knowledge in our field of Vanuatu Email List study has been prepared, and the journal to which we are going to send it for evaluation has been selected, a final review is necessary. Previously, we have asked a colleague for a critical reading of it, as we suggested in the Vanuatu Email List previous post, The preliminary check , to guarantee an excellent job. Well, before sending it to the magazine, many of them, such as Vanuatu Email List , advise us to carry out the final checklist , and we have to dedicate an in-depth reading and the time necessary to avoid making mistakes. We have to take into account that some journals.

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will reject the article without evaluation by the experts, because the Vanuatu Email List manuscript does not comply with the regulations, without giving us a second chance. Sometimes, when we have spent a lot of time writing the manuscript and have read it several times, or it has been prepared by Vanuatu Email List different authors, we are not able to see errors that an editor will quickly detect. For this reason, it is extremely important to check if the journal offers a checklist, and if not, in Communicate we provide you with some guidelines to ensure this process and to be able to send the article successfully. Cover or Cover Letter Once the journal Vanuatu Email List regulations have been carefully read, we will check how they request our data.

Vanuatu Email List

(name and surname, institution, email, ORCID …), the metadata Vanuatu Email List of the manuscript in a document other than the article (title, keywords and abstract) and the assignment of rights in the terms established by the editorial board, as well as the pertinent permissions for the use of images or sensitive data. Manuscript Check that the manuscript conforms to the structure of the Vanuatu Email List scientific and academic format that we have decided to contribute to our work: research, experience, review, etc. The writing and grammar style are correct. All sources consulted in the text and their corresponding bibliographic references Vanuatu Email List are included. The anonymity of the authors has been ensured. It has been verified that there are no typographical errors. It has been subjected to a plagiarism detection program.

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