through which the team intends to analyze the authors’ proposals Comoros Email List under quality standards and technical-scientific rigor. Reject self-management: Reject desk The alert that will awaken that ‘Editor decision’ in our mailbox becomes a reality: “We are sorry to inform you that … ” ( I regret to inform you that … ). The room darkens and we continue reading. What circumstances imply the Comoros Email List rejection without evaluation of our manuscript? How do I manage this decision? Do I have to write to the Editorial Board immediately to claim their ill-advised opinion? Send the work to another magazine as is? Or should we, perhaps, analyze the reasons that may have compromised this decision? To decide on a strategy, it is important to Comoros Email List evaluate the reasons behind the rejection, always using seriousness and ethics for authors.

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When we receive a blind peer review report, critical extraction, planning and Comoros Email List improvement of the manuscript are actions accordingly. However, when an article has been rejected by the editorial team without exhaustive evaluation by its staff of specialized reviewers, we must carefully analyze the possible reasons. First reason: formal aspects and approach Comoros Email List The reason why the study of the normative requirements of a journal is referred to is mainly due to the numerous occasions in which a manuscript is rejected for not complying with the formal aspects. From the proposed structure (whether Comoros Email List empirical or theoretical), to the minimum-maximum extension,

Comoros Email List

the format of the abstracts, the reference model ..Comoros Email List many works are postponed because they do not adapt to the language of the publication. And it is that, indeed, the vernacular structure deals with this question. It is essential that an author not only read the regulations, but the magazine, its articles, its approach. These publications have a focus / thematic section ( scope ) Comoros Email List that contemplates the adaptation of the study to the editorial interests and the scientific area. Have you proposed to evaluate a study on machine learning for the optimization of chemical reactions in a scientific journal on museology? You may venture to forecast editorial resolution, but unfortunately and surprisingly, this practice is common. Comoros Email List On countless occasions the authors omit this (essential) information,

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