One of the most pressing issues of the moment is the metaverse, that concept that seeks total digital immersion through a universe connected to the Internet. Beyond the change of Facebook, it is a term that goes far beyond Zuckerberg and company, since large companies are betting on this alternative reality.

That is what Óscar Peña , chief innovation & technology officer of Wunderman Thompson , has focused on during his presentation at Sitges Next 2021, which started this Thursday, November 11 and will last until Friday 12.

Three Main Components in The Evolution of The Metaverse

After that,  The professional has stressed that there are three main components in the evolution of the metaverse: the speed at which technology changes, changes in social behaviors and trends related to this world.

” Meta is going to change the rules of the korean cell phone number 010 game and it is already doing so ,” says Peña, who has given several examples of how large companies are betting on this route, such as Unity, Nvidia, Microsoft Teams or Nike. But let’s start at the bottom of the question: what is the metaverse? Peña has offered two definitions, one more complex and the other simpler.

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What Is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is a three-dimensional, connected representation of the internet. A social, persistent virtual world in which consumers are able to jump between different virtual experiences or between the virtual and real representation of the physical world. A world powered by a virtual economy with jobs and the same financial rules and mechanics that govern today’s economies.

What characterizes a metaverse?
In conclusion, These are some of the characteristics of the metaverses that Óscar Peña explained during his talk: Persistent. The temporary disconnection with the metaverse does not stop its existence. Life goes on, either with real or virtual activity and presence. However, There is no cap on the number of users, experiences, or worlds. Social. They will be the extension of our social and professional life. Evolution of social networks.Reactive. The environment and people react to people’s interactions in real-time. Decentralized. The property is distributed. Blockchain technology will be the lifeblood that sustains the metaverses.

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