the evaluation processes will be published in the most efficient way. Likewise, these days they are writing to Peru Email List asking if we are interested in articles that analyze the phenomenon, the answer is the same as everyone else; In Peru Email List we are delighted to receive quality work on any aspect that is related to Communication and Education and if it is about both, better, therefore, Peru Email List any work that relates to the coronavirus with these topics will be welcomed and evaluated along with the rest. Opportunity without talent is of little use, but if talent and virtue come together they create their own opportunities.

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recently introduced the new APA 7th Edition Manual , which contains the latest Peru Email List modifications in the format and citation of academic papers for researchers and publishers around the world. On this occasion, Peru Email List is pleased to present you a synthesized version of the more than four hundred pages that make up the guide. A document that already can have in our space web in Spanish, English, Chinese and Portuguese in section ‘ Quotations 7.0 APA ‘ . communicate-apa7 APA 7th Ed. In five steps This reduced version of APA 7 Comunicar incorporates the way in which the documents in our Peru Email List journal are to be referenced, as well as the direct link to the original format of the

Peru Email List

American Psychological Association . With examples in the list Peru Email List of references, in parenthetical citations and in text citations, we introduce the most recurrent formats in the area of ​​social sciences and humanities, distributed in five sections: written works (journal article, blog Peru Email List entry, book and chapter book, dictionary entry or Wikipedia, etc.), audiovisual media (movies and television series, music and others), web and social networks, formal aspects (tables and figures) and other Peru Email List take into account (plagiarism, document format, non-judgmental language, research, etc.). Likewise, and given the difficulty of the new adaptation from APA 6 to the APA 7 version after almost a decade of application, we dedicate a final space to the most outstanding differences between the two.

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