The volume of reviews is also important when it comes to trusting the credibility of the testimonials. The range that consumers value the most is between 50-200 and only 17% trust if there are between 1-50 comments, so the consumer demands volume to build trust. Also, younger generations (16-24 years old) are more likely to want to see volume in these reviews, between 100-200, while the 55-65 year olds prefer small volumes under 50.

Ranking of Determining Factors for The Purchase

In addition, if these online opinions are included in a ranking of determining factors for the purchase, together with variables such as price/quality, phone number list with name brand, shop assistants, location or the COVID protocol, these reviews have considerable weight, especially in the new generations.

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For the GEN Z, online opinions are in third place, only after the price/quality and the dependents. While for the consumer over 40 years of age. It drops to number 9, behind other factors such as those mentioned above. In addition to the establishment, the location, the health protocol or the waiting time.

How to be successful?
The report also includes conclusions for companies to be successful. In which it recommends working on three fronts. Opinion management technology (understanding these as a key source of information). The ability to encourage these opinions and the inclusion of reviews in all phases of the customer life cycle. Not just in the final phase of the call to purchase.

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