your ranking this works like a chain: the faster your page loads, the better it will be positioned by google. And a better positioning means a greater number of visits and a greater probability of conversion. Overall, your loading speed is important for seo: a slow load speed can cause another site to jump ahead of you on a search engine results page. Perhaps your competition. Improve indexing . If you take into account that search engine spiders have limited time to visit each page and index the urls, if the speed is slow, the spider will not crawl all the urls.

Waiting time can make the difference between a good sale or an abandoned shopping cart. So what is the ideal web loading speed? There is no Chile whatsapp number list exact answer to this question, although experts recommend taking no more than 2 seconds. Tell us, how fast is it for you? At occam digital agency , we help you solve your web speed problems.the meaning of colors, how to apply them to marketing? Irene chinea irene chinea august 11, 2021 10:30:00 cest colors are everywhere.

They Surround Us Wherever

we go and in everything we do. So much so that our emotions and sensations are conditioned by the colors we perceive. It is true that sometimes we do not realize how colors affect our daily lives. The theory of color in marketing means that we can transmit certain sensations to the people who see it that they will associate with our brand. The symbology of color is vital for our target audience to fully understand what we want to transmit and communicate. What is color psychology?

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Color psychology is a field that studies what colors produce in people’s emotions and behaviors. Each color has a meaning and therefore we must know what the theory of colors is to understand what we can transmit, or can feel, our public through our visual showcase. However, the psychology of color can make some colors have different meanings, this will depend on some factors such as our education , values, culture , etc. For this reason, it is very important to know our buyer persona well and thus understand what they are looking for and how we can transmit.

It to Them Through Campaigns

adapted to the target audience. In order to carry out a marketing campaign adjusted to our objectives , it is necessary to determine what image we want to give . For this, the use of colors is going to be fundamental, so we must know what each color represents. The meanings of colors red is a very attractive color for marketing, it means power, attraction and also makes the public’s attention remain fixed. Some of the sectors that use the color red the most are beverages and food.

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