“Don’t look for your next story, let her find you” is the motto with which Netflix announced the arrival of its new tool, “Play something” (“play something” translated). This option serves to help users when they are indecisive about what to see among so many different options.

And it is that this multitude of possibilities. Although it is wonderful on the one hand, on the other it can generate negative emotions. An average citizen faces some 35,000 choices daily . When they get home tired, the only thing they want is to put on a series or a movie that distracts them, entertains them and does not involve any kind of effort.

“We are faced with countless decisions in our daily routine. After all, the on-demand ecosystem puts extra pressure. Finding something to watch is no longer a relaxing experience, it is a challenge ”, says Elena Neira. She is a collaborating professor of the ‘Studies of Information and Communication Sciences’ at the Open University of Catalonia and author of ‘Streaming Wars: The new television’ .

The Multiple Options of The Platforms Saturate the Users

That moment of relaxation is complicated if we are forced to have to select from among the endless content offered by a platform like Netflix. This can lead to great frustration for the user , who in addition to deciding, feels that he does not have Oman WhatsApp Number List enough time to consume all the series that are presented to him and that are yet to come.

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“Faced with several options, our brain evaluates them and helps us decide. In the case of having many, the analysis task is much more complex. That is when decision fatigue sets in ”, explains Diego Redolar , a neuroscientist and professor at the Studies of Educational Sciences and Psychology at the Open University of Catalonia.

Normally, it has a negative implication . “If we have too many options, it is difficult for us to do this analysis, there is a high cognitive load and we end up trying things and opting for something, but it may not be the most effective decision,” adds Redolar.

A Subsequent Blockade that Worries Netflix

«The blockade of choice does not promote consumption, on the contrary; if you undecide, the frustration drive you to another platform ”, warns Neira. “Faced with choice fatigue, the person can use different strategies. Make a list of his favorites to try to reduce the options; be guide by recommendations from experts or outsiders, or directly leave the platform to engage in another activity , “adds the neuropsychologist.

That fatigue and that blockage leads us to look for comfort zones. Like the series that everyone talks about or the revised classics. “This fatigue directly affects the hours of playback, which are the basis of customer loyalty. And that is why Netflix is ​​so concerned,” Neira considers. The analysis of data from hundreds of subscribers has allowed them to establish. The critical time of this fatigue from the time the user enters. The service until he manages to make a viewing decision.

That period is between 60 and 90 seconds, a period of time in which. The user “either finds something of interest or the risk of abandoning the service increases substantially,” says Neira.

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