Digitization was already essential, but in the last year companies have been more affected by the lack of digital tools. The adaptation process has abruptly accelerated and companies have been forced to adapt in record time.

In addition, Salesforce is aware of this and at its Connections event, it has presented news about Digital 360, its solution to help businesses digitize faster. With it, others, they intend to offer the next generation of marketing and e-commerce experiences. As consumers continue to push the boundaries of what it means to be “digital-first,” companies’ marketing budgets follow suit.

Salesforce Is Helping Companies Stay Ahead of These Changes

Thus, an average of more than 100,000 million Einstein predictions are promot. Sending 682,000 million emails and carrying out an average of three million commercial transactions per day in 2020.

To get more from digitization, companies India WhatsApp Number List need to create connected experiences and have a complete understanding of their customer’s preferences and needs. After that,  New Salesforce technologies combine data and digital to put data at the center of digital strategy. With Marketing Cloud 360 , marketers can understand their customers through a single source of data. These can be better utilized and every moment can be humanized with AI-powered personalization.

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Tools to Promote the Digitization of Companies

Another solution is Salesforce CDP. Within this we find the Interaction Studio , which analyzes brand interactions between channels, and Loyalty Management, which offers audience segments of the best customers in real time. Includes membership status, loyalty level and points balance. The goal is to improve relationships and foster lasting trust.

More solutions offered by Salesforce
Moreover, Other tools provided by Salesforce are the following: Google and Salesforce. Customers are increasingly interacting with brands digitally and have high expectations for their online privacy. The strategic agreement between these two companies helps marketers better understand their customers in a way that respects privacy and maintains trust. In conclusion, Datorama reports for Marketing Cloud. With these you can directly access new email reports to analyze and optimize performance.

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