One of the concepts that Rossell has commented on is competition within the online environment, which has nothing to do with the offline environment. The main difference that the e-commerce expert comments on is that in the physical world it is possible to diversify between locations, while in the online environment this segmentation is more channelled.

For Rossell, ” everyone wants to be on the first page of Google and this is one of the main challenges of online “. On the other hand, he also comments on the loss of brand generation while acknowledging that it will be one of the most difficult aspects to maintain in the future.

Most Important Things for Rossell in This New Universe

But without a doubt, one of the most important things for Rossell in this new universe is that brands can continue to strengthen the online Japan B2B list channel in the near future to open a gap in the innovative market.

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So how can we remain active and stable in this dynamic of constant evolution? Rossell explains that the solution lies in never stopping pedaling. That is, investing in all online channels and not just focusing on the most successful ones. “You have to invest in everyone, from social networks to marketplaces that go beyond Amazon.” The Trilogi expert believes that this path is the right one to achieve the brand awareness that he previously thought was lost.

E-Commerce as A Lifesaver for Brands

One of the characteristics of e-commerce and why it has gained such a reputation in recent months is that it has been the life-saving tool for many companies during confinement. With stores closed and the impossibility of going outside, e-commerce offered the opportunity for many businesses not to stagnate.

“The companies that have endured the most are those that had a lung. Also those who had done their homework online and now continue to do it well , “adds Rossell. A reality that has led to changes in behavior leading to online shopping. After evolving into a society with less purchasing power, but more recurrent in this digital space.

Rossell’s prediction about the pandemic is that it will continue for a few more years. So his advice is that any developments that emerge so far be expressly online. In fact, brands are demanding stable and secure platforms. While previously they did not care about this technical part, nor about the solutions that are on the market.

In conclusion, the prediction of the evolution of e-commerce according to Màrius Rossell. Is that it will continue to grow and will grow much more in the future. For e-commerce agencies like us, it is a good time, because we have a lot of work. We are growing, but even so, companies need to adapt to take advantage of this change in trends».

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