of most researchers who want to publish in indexed scientific journals. Dominican Republic Email List You never get used to this type of bad news, but you have to remember above all that what is valued is your work, not your person or your worth as a researcher. It should not be taken as something personal, it is within the researcher’s “salary” and one should not be discouraged, but, above all, the manuscript Dominican Republic Email List can never be left in the “drawer” sine die, we have to “burn” and try to publish it as as soon as possible, if time is allowed to pass, the subject, the revision carried out, the sample used, etc., becomes out of date. Generally it is rare that a work is published the first time and we see “Accept” in the editorial decision, it is normal that you Dominican Republic Email List have some rejections or rejections, then an ”

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Accept with changes” and at the end your work is accepted and the Dominican Republic Email List proof is sent to you printing for later publication. If the research is well done and the manuscript is good, in the end it will always be published and sometimes, on the third or fourth attempt, in a better indexed Dominican Republic Email List journal and with a higher impact factor than the first one to which we submitted it. We have to distinguish and act in a differentiated way depending on the cause of rejection / rejection and whether or not they send us the modification proposals of the reviewers. If the dismissal is generic of the type “it does not interest the journal” “it is Dominican Republic Email List not in the focus of the journal” “dismissed for methodological reasons”,

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and so on. It must remain on our desk, to send it again, just Dominican Republic Email List enough time to decide which journal to send it to and adapt it to the regulations for authors of this (it is always convenient to have it done with our order of priority, based on what we indicated in another entry Dominican Republic Email List journals that could publish the subject of our research). If the rejection or rejection is justified and, above all, if it is accompanied by the review sheets and the evaluation made by the reviewers, we must take advantage of all the indications or proposals that, in our opinion, can enrich our manuscript. It is the opinion of two or three, or more in some magazines, experts on our subject Dominican Republic Email List whose proposals we

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