these should never be hidden (it may be a serendipity and we are faced with a very valuable finding that we have arrived at, without looking for it, in such a way! accidental!) sSamoa Email List ince we are directly opening the way to new research proposals, new lines in which to design research to try to respond to what we did not expect but which has appeared in our results. These anomalous Samoa Email List results have to be brought to light and we have to give them the best possible explanation or simply say that we have found them and that, for the moment, we cannot give them any explanation. It can also happen that, if we do Samoa Email List not show these results, the editor, We must therefore also learn from the unexpected,

Build Your List and They Will Come

what a priori can be considered as a failure or a weakness of our Samoa Email List research is not such, we can consider it a strength because it allows us to formulate new hypotheses or propose new research objectives (we or any member of the academic community that works or investigates on that subject) which, in the end, what they will do is enrich the research on the subject field. This Samoa Email List strength can only be achieved, obviously, if instead of hiding them or “putting them in with a shoehorn” we are able to “bring to light” the anomalous or unexpected results that we found in our investigations. Knowledge is, in essence, Samoa Email List an evolutionary social construct. That is, everything we know today (from a table, a computer,

Samoa Email List

an airplane or a tablet) has been founded on progressive advances in Samoa Email List human ingenuity in the form of science, arts or crafts. Of course, these advances would only be isolated and restricted knowledge if there were no ways of communicating progress. It is here where Samoa Email List we delve into the subject of research prospects, as a recommended way to help in the direction of future developments; more specifically to the conclusions section of a scientific article, whose more or less standardized structure Samoa Email List requires us to: i) Summarize the most significant research findings (synthesis of contributions);

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