DAOs started in 2014 with an idea from Vitalik Buterin , who already gave the possibility to build smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps) with his Ethereum blockchain. There are now 190 DAOs worldwide , with a total of more than 1.5 million members, with a value of billions of dollars. They build nicely on the ideology of Ricardo Semler , who wrote a book about this and about which VPRO made a good documentary , and Prize winner Elinor Ostrom , who after decades of research and work experience came up with 8 powerful design principles, for how common resources are sustainable and just. can be controlled in a group.

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How will DAOs be deployed in 2022? DAOs can be for all types of organizations, from charities and freelancers working together to a Sri-Lanka Phone Number party. We now see them mainly arising around investments, fundraising, but also, for example, buying NFTs. For example, the JennyDao , which regulates fractional ownership of NFTs, bought an original track from DJ Steve Aoki. Elon Musk’s brother started the Big Green DAO , a charity focused on “food justice,” and there are also DAOs that support public services , for example . Play to Earn (P2E) The first Dutch DAOs are now also a fact, including IgniteDAO .

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which builds applications on the Zilliqa blockchain. The Merit Circle, which responds to the ‘play-to-earn’ economy (P2E), which is rapidly growing. is. Where with traditional games you mainly see the value going to the maker of a game, P2E games reward the players for playing the game and their performance in it. This works like an economy. In exchange for the time and energy they put into it, sometimes also accompanied by capital (such as an NFT), the DAO rewards them with the token of the game played. The most famous P2E game is now daily by almost 2 million players. More than half of these players are from the Philippines. According to research , they thus earn more than a nominal salary. Learn to Earn (L2E)

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