Today, according to a recent Reuters report, 76% of the world’s leading media outlets say subscription is their most important source of revenue. For the first time even ahead of advertising.

This trend has also been observed in the Spanish market, where more and more digital media are betting on the subscription model. To delve into this issue, Taboola has recently organized a Lunch & Learn with the main media in our country, including El Español, Alayans, Vozpopuli, Digital Economy, OKDIARIO, Merca2 or Webedia. All of them were able to share experiences. Learn about the situation in the sector, as well as discover new features of Taboola Newsroom. The editorial analytics tool powered by artificial intelligence.

The Participants of The Meeting Were Able

In addition to enjoying lunch together, to get to know in-depth the editorial analytics provided by Taboola Newsroom since 2014 and review what the faa employee directory search trends and demands of the publishing market have been at each moment.

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Starting with reading data in real-time, A/B tests of the headlines. And images that work best or reading trends (topic insights). As well as information from the alert system on the news that generates the highest conversion peaks towards subscriptions. And other functionalities focused on achieving new subscriptions. Such as the metrics that score the propensity of users to subscribe.

Among the Topics Addressed

Which premium content is worth promoting. What decisions, according to this editorial analytics data, should be taken by publishers on a daily basis to boost subscriptions. And all this with some practical examples from prestigious international media such as

The Taboola Lunch & Learn meeting was an opportunity to delve into digital analytics and how it can help publishers improve their business figures through subscription. That today is already a global trend in the digital media sector.

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