Storytelling was also very present in the virtual meeting and stood out as one of the key strategies for brands, which are evolving towards a necessary storydoing, increasingly demanded by the consumer . To capture the customer’s attention and build real and tangible encounters with their consumers, brands have to move from story to action, putting people at the center to build long-term relationships.

Fran López, Executive Creative Director and Partner of CLV, put on the table the concept of the current “narrative society”, based on data, research and VOD platforms such as Netflix. For the director of this creative agency, moreover, “competition has changed places and is now found on more social platforms, such as Twitch.” For this reason, the need to filter and segment to reach our target without generating noise has come to light again.

Audio vs. Video

The new consumer trends, in which audio gains presence, also focused the conversation of this virtual meeting. But what about the video? According to Singapore B2B list Marqués, the video also responds to our way of being and the story does not have to be audiovisual. “Audio comes in to give us content without stealing our time,” says the Google representative.

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For his part, Vallejo stressed that the key is to listen to the audience and give them. What they are looking for. « We made tutorials to teach people what products to use and how to use them. We carry the specific message to the right people» . Reflection reinforced by Lucía González from Labelium Play: “Through the platform it is important for brands to make those users feel part of the brand’s history.”

In this way, another big question arises: Are traditional media still important? Something about which the CLV and Labelium Play agencies were forceful: “they have to live with the digital ones”. For this reason, both technology and the capacity for innovation are essential factors. For developing successful strategies, something that Labelium Play. In collaboration with partners such as Google and CLV, will continue to do so that. That definitive synergy between the digital audiovisual world. The content, audiences and platforms, exists. And with it, brands maximize their business results ”. Concluded Lucía González from Labelium Play.

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