COVID forced digitization at all levels: consumption, work, advertising… Audiences are on digital platformsand the linear channels are struggling to reach the same volumes they handled years ago. The logical thing would be to continue growing. Continue growing towards more digital platforms, and broader media plans. The question would be, will our equipment be able to withstand more without automation?

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That is why we are trying to eliminate manual processes and provide efficiency through automation. As a collaborative platform, everyone has a “chair” at Peach: post-production companies, creative agencies, media agencies, brands, social media usa consumer database download agencies, freelancers who are responsible for a small part of the process. Everyone who is involved in the activation process of advertising campaign will be able to do their share of the work and coordinate with the rest.Peach is 2.0 compared to other platforms on the market , it’s amazing!”

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Digital Creative Management Processes Are Usually Slow

Moreover, this is the case, and we have set out to solve this problem. Collaboration between teams is key to this, having everything (linear and digital) on the same platform as well , and technology allows us to automate processes. The first step would be to have all the creatives uploaded on the same platform. That way, if something is missing, it’s easy to see and notify the appropriate person to fix it.

Above all, Having all the creatives in the library frees us from expired links. Which are usually a very common barrier in the distribution process. Peach never deletes anything, once the creatives are uploaded they are available forever. You can easily locate your creatives, campaigns, collaborators with the Peach search engine to save time.

When uploading commercials to Peach, the platform runs detailed quality control in less than a couple of minutes, and from a high resolution file it automatically makes adaptations for any destination you want to distribute the creative to. As you can see, we’ve removed spec gathering and manual material adaptation from the process so that it doesn’t take more than a few minutes. I can continue with more automations that we have introduced, the list is long…

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