So the key to properly assessing video performance is to view it within the context and objectives of your website. Even then, it is advisable not to judge too quickly on the basis of figures, but always to look further. For example, it may seem extreme when you see that more than half of your viewers drop out on social after 10 or 20 seconds. Or that only 10% of your page visitors are watching your video. But this is quite normal. In any case, there is no reason to panic.

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Who knows, half of the viewers that remain may be very valuable. Or the group that dropped out simply didn’t have the viewership that the Bahamas Phone Number focuses on. Perhaps you have an extremely high number of visitors to a page and the number of viewers – or converting viewers – is still so high that you can call the video successful. And even if the results are disappointing, it is important to look carefully at the possible causes. It is often the case that a small adjustment can immediately provide much better results. In short, look at the big picture, analyze and learn!

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Note What You Eat to Lose Weight

That’s the recipe for success. We create a lot of content. Often to convince potential customers that they should be with us. On the one hand, understandable, because companies need new business to exist, but (a big one)… What about content for existing customers? That is sometimes forgotten. Almost always. That is why I will discuss the importance of loyalty content and explain how you create and use it.

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