Since the first content creators began to emerge, this professional profile has become increasingly relevant. Currently, and according to SignalFire , there are more than 50 million people in the world who wear this title. Of those, more than two million could consider that they live from it.

The creation of content has become the aspiration for the new generations , as evidenced by the surveys of the last five years «What do you want to be when you grow up» by Adecco. However, it is an area about which part of the population is unaware of information, and even those who aspire to be. For this reason, 2btube has delved deeper into this figure to classify the different profiles and find the key to the benefits.

This analysis has concluded that there are more than 134,000 creators with more than 1,000 followers in one of their accounts; more than 40,000 with more than 10,000; more than 7,500 with more than 100,000 and 691 creators with more than one million followers.

How Do Influencers and Content Creators Generate Income?

According to this agency, when a content creator achieves 100,000 followers on one of their profiles, it is when they are considered to have Czechia B2B list achieved influencer status and can dedicate themselves professionally to content creation. This is due, on the one hand, to the monetization of the videos, but also to the advertising campaigns of advertisers or the financing by the followers.

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From 2btube they have identified three phases in the professional life of an influencer. Which would define the business of this segment. The first begins when the creator monetizes their content on platforms that pay talents based on advertising on their videos. Such as YouTube or Facebook. This largely depends on the number of views achieved.

The More Platforms We Use to Distribute the Videos

“The more revenue is generated and the more the creator becomes known among different audiences”. Explains Fabienne Fourquet , CEO of the company. On the other hand, phase two is the one. In which brands and advertisers are interested in having these content creators in their advertising campaigns. Featured revenue begins when talent exceeds 100,000 followers.

The last stage is related to the size of the influencer ‘s community of followers. Which becomes its own brand and, therefore, a business. This allows you to sell products, earn income from subscriptions, and be chosen to participate in all kinds of events. Television, radio, movies, podcasts and exclusive content in general that make them independent of advertisers .

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