One of their fundamental characteristics is that they are usually Bolivia Email List summoned and / or endorsed by a higher education institution or research center, as well as by associations, societies, networks and research groups. Another of the peculiarities of these meetings is their periodicity -usually annual or biannual- and that, like the journals, they have a prior process of peer review Bolivia Email List of the abstracts , complete communications or posters that are going to be presented. Since congresses can bring together hundreds or thousands of participants, they are organized internally in sessions, symposia or simultaneous tables, although they also usually have plenary conferences given by renowned experts, Bolivia Email List invited by the organizing committee. Each table or symposium is directly linked to the central discipline of the congress, but for reasons of thematic interest,

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it brings together a number of communications that revolve around that Bolivia Email List sub-topic. Thus, for example, in a Communication Congress it is usual to get one or more symposia on audiovisual narratives, others on journalism, others on social networks, some on advertising, others on corporate communication, others on , and so on. Congresses are usually organized internally in Bolivia Email List symposia, tables or sessions, in which researchers from a specific sub-discipline are concentrated Research-in-progress and outreach communications The participation of researchers in a congress can take Bolivia Email List place well in the middle of a research ( research in progress ) in which claims, justifications,

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research questions, comments, objectives, hypotheses and Bolivia Email List even preliminary results are presented; or the investigation is over. When researchers attend a congress to present research in progress they seek the following: Give visibility to a research group, network or team, Bolivia Email List informing other researchers participating in the event about the activities that are being developed within the framework of a specific project. Test before a reduced scientific community the relevance and suitability of the scope, Bolivia Email List focus and objectives of the research being developed. Obtain feedback from fellow researchers that can improve the quality of the ongoing study. Make networking to attract other researchers, groups,

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