The work of NGOs is essential for social good and to benefit the most disadvantaged people. Like any other type of brand, social networks and technologies play a fundamental role, in this case to develop optimal strategies for fundraising .

Although these types of nonprofit organizations were already using the tools enabled by technology, the pandemic has accelerated their digital presence. “The commitment of NGOs to fundraising in the digital world has accelerated exponentially since the pandemic in 2020”, says Ana Moreno , Content Director at Rebold. “It is at this point where social networks and the ability of influencers to raise awareness among their followers have come into action,” he continues explaining.

Spaniards Declare that They Have Made a Donation

It should be noted that 75% of Spaniards declare that they have made a donation to a social cause. The main influencing factor is trust in the organization, something that can be strengthened and consolidated through Nigeria WhatsApp Number List marketing. In fact, 18% of those who carry them out have been motivated by impacts in the media.

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Likewise, the donor of traditional NGOs has an older profile, so we must try to connect with young people interested in this type of cause. They can do this through influencer marketing, for example. By having influencers, the non-profit sector will increase user confidence, strengthen its notoriety and find new donors.

Keys for NGOs to Create a Good Influencer Marketing Campaign

From Rebold they offer the keys to developing an optimal influencer marketing campaign in Social Media. You have to select and identify the influencers who are best going to convey the given message. It is important to select someone related to the sector. Who shares the values that are being spread. Otherwise, the audience will notice this and it will have a direct impact on the image of the NGO.

It is effective to investigate social networks to see who is participating or leading conversations on issues relevant to the NGO. It done through hashtags, as well as in groups or forums where they participate. On the other hand, there are also influencer search and hiring platforms such as Corbis.
It is necessary to explain openly and directly what are the reasons why we have contacted the influencer. When we make the proposal, it should be clear from the outset what it will consist of . Trust and communication are the foundation of any fruitful relationship.

We need to clearly communicate the goals and purpose of the campaign. For example, we must know if we seek to raise awareness of a social cause. Increase donations or increase the number of members.
The influencer with the most followers or with the greatest impact will not always be more effective . We must carefully study the person who is going to be our ambassador and choose according to the purpose. Micro – influencers have greater loyalty from their followers, for example.

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