First of all, we have to invest our time in verifying ourselves as the owner of the domain so that Google dumps your data into the tools. Among the possibilities that the search engine offers us, we can upload an HTML file, create a Google Analytics account or add a meta tag , although there are many different functions. Not counting the plugins that allow connection on most platforms. Some examples are Yoast in WordPress or Webmaster Tools Site Verification in Prestashop .

Once this step is finished, using the tools is the easiest thing to do. The problem comes when we seek a certain objective, or what is the same, make good use of them. The first thing of all is to know what we are looking for and once we have this information, we can start messing around between the Google options.

Amount of Data Immeasurable to The Human Eye

But its tools help us understand it through graphs and numerical figures . When we know what we have searched for, we can cross it with our own data and thus have a broader view of our statistics.

At this point, other types of tools come into play, such as Sistrix or Semrush, which can give you other types of keyword positioning all whatsapp number list data to combine with those rescued from Google’s own. These actions allow us to learn more about what our competition is doing at the SEO or SEM level and to be able to develop hypotheses based on their strategies.

Email Database

In this way, the quality of our data increases in the ranking, since thanks to the combination of our data with that of Google, we can have access to more structured data, our metadata, the mobile usability of the site, the markup in the segmentation, keyword density, even detected URL parameters. All of this will help us achieve our goals through the development of well-founded and consolidated strategies.

Therefore, the best option to learn to use the Webmaster Tools is to use them. To begin with, we recommend you continue reading our post on Google Analytics 4: everything you need to know; Google Analytics: An A to Z Guide for Savvy Content Marketers; or the 15 tricks to maximize campaigns through Google Analytics.

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