regulations for the presentation of articles in Vietnam Email List scientific journals , with updates regarding qualitative, quantitative and mixed formats; 2) language guidelines that Vietnam Email List address respect and inclusion in study areas that encompass age, disability, gender, participation, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, economic status, and intersectionality; 3) and ethical and good practice guidelines to Vietnam Email List guarantee an adequate level of citation and avoidance of plagiarism / self-plagiarism. In short, we are facing an official source of publications that updates, facilitates and adapts to scientific-academic requirements, Vietnam Email List with a recognized writing, publication and citation system that, shortly,

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will be widely disseminated by the different publishers and magazines of everyone. Vietnam Email List APA-7 Check the latest updates in the official online spaces: Vietnam Email List APA Style 7th Edition Official site of the APA Manual with complementary content (references and additional formats) ARS Vietnam Email List repository Repository with information on norms for the presentation of articles in magazines, which presents a wide range of free designs APA Style Blog Periodically updated online space that responds to questions posed by users, Vietnam Email List and that highlights new aspects of the Manual:

Vietnam Email List

Academic Writer Tool developed by the creators of the APA Manual, which Vietnam Email List aims to teach effective writing. A basic medium for students and professionals, helping to build excellent academic work and master the APA Style 7Vietnam Email List org/academic-writer The theoretical basis on which an investigation is based is fundamental. A task that consists of compiling and disseminating consistent information and that, ultimately, requires a solid, verifiable, honest and up-to-date framework. In this sense, the work of reading, reflection and dissemination of knowledge on which the process of publishing Vietnam Email List articles is based, must pay careful attention to the cited sources,

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