Users can go beyond the colors that represent Pride to create a strategy with intimate stories between celebrities and employees. of the brand related to decisions such as coming out of the closet and the fight against discrimination. Likewise. its marketing extended to Instagram. where the brand provided resources such as filters to encourage LGBTQ + consumers to share some of their own experiences from their social networks throughout the month of June. Its campaign “Beyond the Rainbow” (behind the rainbow in Spanish) includes two Mexican celebrities among the stars who share their stories with the LGBTQ + community. these are the influencers Héctor Trejo and Joaquín Bodoni.

Who appear in white videos and black as part of the strategy to describe the diversity within this sector of the population. H&M fights against LGBTQ+ “rainbowwashing” It is clear that the company seeks to redirect its image taking into account the comments of community members. who year after year accuse companies of only raising the colorful badge during Pride month to sell decorated products and then ignoring this group. for the rest of the year. Also. this strategy comes at a time when shows and other events that attract consumers have been pushed aside during the pandemic to become digital pronouncements. something that brands are looking to use to their advantage this year with Pride marketing.

Digital To Remain Present

The risks of a bad image and representation Georgia whatsapp number list  should be aware of the shortcomings. That brands have in their approach to LGBTQ+ consumers. Considering that on many occasions users have a bad image of the company due to its rejection of the community throughout the year. With the exception of of June. According to research by The Visibility Project . 81 percent of marketers and 41 percent of agency leaders believe that creating inauthentic portrayals of LGBTQ+ consumers can more easily spark backlash than the lack of representation. Likewise. 78 percent of marketers and 31 percent of agency executives say that creating a campaign with adequate representation is a challenge given the diversity that prevails in the LGBTQ+ community.


Despite this. brands must seek new marketing strategies for Pride month. More and more users are dissatisfied with being a marketing object. without a real background for companies. READ MORE Brands change their logos to celebrate the LGBTQ community and this is how users reacted. His is how Uber responds to accusations from the LGBTQ + community Influencer speaks. Out in the face of lack of diversity in ELLE Mexico’s LGBTQ + campaign The new integration will be available through Hootsuite Inbox. The tool that helps Hootsuite customers manage social conversations from one place (available to Hootsuite Professional customers and above).

The Tool Is One

The most popular among those who manage social networks. Twitter and Facebook were the main networks benefited by this tool. Hootsuite. one of the leading social media management tools with over 200.000 paying users worldwide. Hootsuite is one of the most popular applications among content managers for social networks. CMs find on the platform an efficient way to prioritize. publish and modify. Content in a way that generates an attractive dynamic for those who consult. Social networks. Until now. Facebook and Twitter. and to a lesser extent Instagram.

were the networks that could benefit from Hootsuite’s utilities. But now with this new feature that many expect. Messages can also be manage from the Inbox section. The news is well receive among Community Managers. Who until now had to leave the interface to respond to this type of message from the Instagram platform. But now that Hootsuite will add this feature. efficiency will be even more noticeable. Hootsuite will also cover Instagram. although only the messages The platform. One of the leading social media management tools with over 200.000 paying users worldwide . Has announced its integration with the new Messenger API for Instagram after joining the API beta program.

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