H&M is making progress on the path of bringing the world of fashion to the virtual scene and has shown it with the format of the presentation of its latest collection. Instead of choosing a catwalk to use. The firm decided to call a parade in the metaverse with avatars created even live at the event.

The action took place in Madrid and sought to celebrate the launch of the new collection, H&M Innovation Circular Design Story. This is a tribute to fashion and design through circular techniques and fabrics, in pursuit of sustainability.

For This Very Special Occasion

Above all, The company invited attendees to enter their own metaverse. With an immersive virtual experience, guests were able to create their digital double. And explore that parade in the other “dimension”.

In addition, The designs of the collection were worn by different personalities. Among them, the actresses Hiba Abouk, Begoña Vargas, Marta Hazas, Clara Sans and Penélope Guerrero. Or the models Alba Galocha, Lily Fofana and the Portuguese Luis Borges. Also from the phone number in ecuador world of music, artists such as María Escarmiento, Africa Adalia and Ana Perrote, Marina Reche, or Dj Gerard Estadella were able to attend.

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The World of Fashion Advances in The Virtual Landscape With H&M

After that, This step by H&M is just one more demonstration that the virtual world is no longer just for gaming and that it is becoming an increasingly “tangible” reality. Moreover, “Fashion and the metaverse are at an explosive tipping point. Avatars, digital garments that only live in virtual environments. And NFTs allow fashion lovers to live experiences that were unimaginable years ago”, says Julio Obelleiro , co-founder of Wildbytes.

“H&M has succeeded in creating a fashion metaverse in which avatars created live parade virtually for the launch of its latest collection. Breaker », he concludes.

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