the authors must analyze well when it is really Singapore WhatsApp Number List necessary to cite a previous work and enrich their references, of course, with other authors, and is even obliged, if self-cited, to Singapore WhatsApp Number List criticize the results with the same rigor as criticizing others. . On the other hand, editors of scientific journals must pay special attention to this matter, and ensure and control, with the help of reviewers, Singapore WhatsApp Number List that there is no abuse of self-citations, both at the author and journal level and that they are relevant. and well justified. In any case, it should not be forgotten that what usually causes a manuscript to be accepted for publication and then to be widely cited is its -methodological rigor and the relevance of its results and Singapore WhatsApp Number List conclusions. Source of the first image:

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Pinterest Tumblr WhatsApp Reddit Viber Messenger Print Singapore WhatsApp Number List E-Mail Post navigation Previous article Post navigation Next article Com The growing need to disseminate scientific knowledge has motivated the development of editorial management platforms, including OJS, Singapore WhatsApp Number List , Open Conf , Digital Commons , Scholastica , Scholar One among others, automating a significant number of processes such as manuscript submission, scope establishment and periodicity, coordination of communications, presentation of calls, implementation of deadlines and finally tracking of manuscripts Singapore WhatsApp Number List through peer review. All this, accompanied by a representative saving of resources and time for editors,

Singapore WhatsApp Number List

authors and readers. OJS is the software open source par Singapore WhatsApp Number List excellence for managing scientific journals. Currently about 8,286 journals use it, with about published elements, including book chapters, reviews and scientific articles. The advantages it has compared to other managers are: -Standardization of the editorial management process: Regardless of the Singapore WhatsApp Number List journal, maintaining the same “step-by-step” procedure both for sending manuscripts and for reviewing and editing them. -Intuitive location of its contents: Although OJS allows the personalization of the web aesthetics by modifying the Singapore WhatsApp Number List CSV files, the

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